Why Use a Real Estate Agent?

With access to dozens, if not hundreds, of home-finder websites and online real estate tools, our clients, friends and even family sometimes ask, “Do I really need a real estate agent?” Today, you can bank online, order groceries over the web, book a vacation without a travel agent, and even get an e-divorce. So why use a Guilderland real estate agent to buy or sell your Upstate NY home? If you’ve been wondering the same thing, here are 5 good reasons to consider hiring a professional real estate agent.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Guilderland Real Estate Agent

1.    Education & Experience
A home purchase, or sale, is likely the biggest financial decision you’ll make in your lifetime. It’s a serious transaction. Unlike booking a vacation online, a misstep in the home buying process can cost you thousands, or worse, cause you legal trouble. Rather than trying to learn a new career, save yourself the time and hassle, and take advantage of your real estate agent’s education and experience.

2.    Market Knowledge
Successful real estate agents keep current on market trends and constantly research house prices in the local area. They can disclose average per square foot cost of similar homes, median sale prices, and average days on the market. Your real estate agent can also tell you if a home is a relisting, if there have been any changes to the asking price, and if any sales have fallen through.

3.    Price Guidance
Determining a home’s fair market value is tricky business, but real estate agents specialize in it. They will find recently sold homes that are very similar to the one you want to value, then make adjustments for square footage, age, location, condition and other improvements. They don’t set the price, but they will supply you with the data to make an informed decision, then devise a negotiation strategy.

4.    Contracts & Negotiations
The process of buying and selling a home is emotional for both buyers and sellers, which is why it’s best to leave the negotiating to the professionals. Top producing real estate agents negotiate well because they know how to keep a level head and represent their client’s case in the best possible light. In addition, an experienced real estate agent can help you navigate the contract – often 50+ pages of complex documents – and they know how to use the contract to protect you.

5.    Professional Connections
Real estate agents regularly network with others professionals involved in the process of buying or selling a home. From mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys and home inspectors, to Guilderland movers, home stagers and interior designers, real estate agents are well connected. While agents may not legally be able to make a recommendation, they can tell you which vendors have a good reputation, and they will often provide you with references.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

It’s important to find an agent with a great marketing plan and deep local knowledge. If you’re looking for a Guilderland real estate agent with knowledge of the Albany area, contact the experts at CM Fox Real Estate. We have over 50 real estate agents serving Bethlehem, Guilderland, Latham, Schenectady and the entire Capital Region of New York. Contact us today.