Is Summer a Good Time to Sell Your Guilderland Home?

If you are ready to sell your Guilderland home, choosing when to sell can make a big difference in how fast your house sells, and how much it sells for. You may or may not have heard that spring time is the best time to sell your house, but what about summer? The truth is, the right time to sell your house will depend on many different factors such as who your target market is and the climate you live in. Here are some pros and cons for selling your Albany area house during the summer months:


•    More people shop for homes when the weather is nice out.

In the Albany area, spring can be a rainy, muddy season. However, the summer months feature plenty of sunshine and nice weather. After the mud has passed and you have completed springtime clean-up, your house will be looking its best. Green lawns and blooming flowers will increase your curb appeal and create a great first impression to prospective buyers.

•    Vacation properties sell best in summer months.

If your house is in a popular vacation destination, you may find increased traffic during the summer months. Buyers looking for a vacation home will be in the area and actively searching for the right property. Perhaps your house is on the waterfront, or close to a summer “hot-spot.”  If so, be prepared to leverage those key points during the selling process.

•    Families want a new house before the next school calendar year begins.

Most families will wait until the current school year is over to move into a new home. At the same time, they want to be settled into their new home before the next school year begins. This means the prospective buyer will be looking to make a decision quickly. If your house is in a family-friendly neighborhood with a popular school district, you will be in a better position to negotiate with interested buyers to get the best price for your house.


•    More houses on the market leads to picky buyers.

If your house is a bit of a fixer upper, the summer months may not be ideal for selling. With so many houses on the market, buyers will be pickier. At the same time though, if your house is up to snuff there is a better chance for multiple offers. Multiple offers can lead to bidding wars which will allow you to get an even better price for your home.

•    People like to travel in the summer time.

It is no secret that the summer months are a popular time for people to go on vacation. This means that you may not be reaching your target audience, simply because they are not in the area. An example of this is if you are selling a high-priced home. These types of homes require affluent buyers, who are most likely busy traveling and not looking for a home.

•    The housing market peaks at the beginning of summer.

June is the peak home buying season. Towards the tail end of the summer families are getting ready for the upcoming school year, and other potential buyers become busy with BBQs, vacations and other summer activities. This means you need to be pro-active and start listing your home before the summer season begins, and hit the ground running in the beginning of summer.

As you can see from these pros and cons, selling your house in the summer may or may not be ideal. It is best to evaluate your home, neighborhood, and target market before deciding upon the right time to sell. Utilizing the expertise of a local real estate agent can help you make the right decisions when it comes to selling. CM Fox has a long history of helping Guilderland homeowners navigate the selling process in order to get the best price possible. If you are ready to put your house on the market, contact us today to get started.

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