How Going Green Can Help Improve the Value of Your Albany Home

Add Value to Your Albany Home

Rustic is the new Modern: Reclaim — Reuse– Regenerate

Have you taken a drive around Albany or Guilderland lately? Maybe Latham or Clifton Park? One thing you might notice is the increase in solar roof panels on roofs. It is one of the many ways people are “going green” to increase the value of their home. Re-use stores, online second hand stores and rustic materials are in! (Thanks Chip and Jo-Jo!)

Green and self-sufficient homes:  Two concepts that with a few of the ideas below become one great way to improve the value of your Albany home!  We all know most of the world at this point is looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly, but did you also know there are many people in the world concerned about being too dependent on the power grid, gas and oil, and more? Call them doomsday “preppers” or just safety conscious-whatever they are, a home with some additions below is more marketable to them!

  • Tankless Water Heater-Install this space, time and energy saver the next time you need a hot water heater -or wrap your current heater in a thermal blanket made for hot water heaters.
  • Wood/Pellet Stoves supplement heat and make you self-sufficient in an emergency power outage.
  • Generators are never a bad idea and many older people aging in their homes are looking for the security of the back up energy.
  • Flooring-Bamboo or any Eco-Friendly Wood Flooring, tons of options now!
  • Solar Roof Panels can be installed for free and leased back, or bought outright and you sell the extra to the company.
  • Cool Roofs use new technology and engineering to lower cooling costs in warm places.
  • Reclaimed Wood can be expensive but you can also go to salvage yards, craigslist or even the dump and re-use perfectly good wood for so many projects.
  • Dual Pane Windows-sorry folks but new windows rank up there as a top home improvement well worth your investment….take the plunge!
  • Programmable Thermostat-This is probably the easiest thing you can do in your house to save money-program it to adjust heating and cooling for when you are not home or sleeping.
  • Low VOC Paint and Carpet-You can absolutely buy low VOC paint and carpet for home improvement projects pretty much anywhere, and these are good for you, good for the environment, and good for your home value!

Any of these additions can improve the appeal of your home.  Look into it, and maybe when the Zombie Apocalypse comes you will be ready….to sell!



Written by: Kathy Burbank