New Season—- New Home

We’ve been busy over here at CM Fox. The Spring season in upstate New York is a busy one. Spring represents growth, rebirth and opportunity. We’re coming out of a long winter season. A long, cold, snowy winter season. There may still be snow on the ground in many places, but if you look around—you’ll start to see the re-birth I’m talking about. A new season means a new home for many buyers and sellers in the Capital Region.

The local news ran a quick segment on all of the ice cream stores that have either just opened or that will be opening in the next week or so. Right down the road from our office is Gade Farms, which opened again for the season on Friday, March 20th. (Remember that day? It was cold and snowy—that’s beside the point). Garden shops and ice cream stores are opening, flowers are popping up through the soil and new houses are coming on the market.

We have over 20 new listings this month alone! You read that right—20 new listings this month. People are inspired by the sun and the warm weather. Our sellers are working hard to clean up their yards, declutter their homes, put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and get that sign in the front yard. Here at CM Fox, we’re ready for you!

As you may have noticed, we’re starting to get hooked on Pinterest. We can’t heSpring--LOLlp it. The ideas and tips are amazing. Sometimes they’re a little overwhelming—but if you can sift through the craziness, you’ll be able to find some really cool ideas. Check out some of our latest finds for sprucing up your home.

When it comes to organizing and cleaning your home—remember that you still have to live in the home while you are trying to sell it. That’s okay! We also know that’s not always easy to do. I recently met with people who are considering selling their home in the next year. Their question was: Do we put it on the market for a few months in the Fall and then take it off the market for the Winter and it doesn’t sell and then try to put it back on in the Spring? P.S. These people have twin 2-year old daughters.

Before our meeting they spent a week going through personal items trying to decide what they would need to keep out vs. what they could pack away. This is no easy task for anyone—let alone people with twin toddlers who will be in a completely different phase of their life in September than they will be in March. Anyway, during out meeting we took a look at their needs, wants and desires. Within about 30 minutes we had an awesome plan in hand and everyone took a deep breath—both a breath of relief and excitement.

Selling your home is a process that starts even before you meet with a Realtor. Think of selling and/or buying a home as starting the next season of your life. It’s a time for growth and rebirth. Going through old items, cleaning them up and looking toward a bright and sunny future is all part of the growing process. Your future home is one filled with love and excitement.  As you get ready to enter this season of growth remember to take a step back—breath… smile… enjoy the season. When you’re ready- give us a call. We’re help to help you out along the way.