How To Get Your House Ready to Sell

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What Should I Do to Get My Home Ready to List?

If you decide to sell your home, talk to one of the experienced realtors at CM Fox Real Estate. Before putting your house on the market, getting it ready to entice prospective buyers is essential. There are several things that you need to prepare and stage your home before going on the market. 

Complete Any Necessary Repairs 

The first thing you need to do is finish all necessary repairs. Your house must be in “working” condition to be sold, meaning it should not have any significant structural or infrastructure issues. For example, you cannot sell a house with an incomplete roof or a leaking water heater.  

Work with a contractor to finish all the repairs that need to happen so that your house can be listed. If some repairs will make it easier to sell your house, like replacing an old water heater or having the house repainted, consider doing those. The more you put into improving your home, the more likely it is to sell for a higher price.  

Remove 90% of Your Belongings 

The next step is to start making your house presentable for prospective buyers. You want them to see the house and picture themselves living there. To do that, start by removing 90% of your belongings.  

Removing your personal belongings makes it easy for potential buyers to picture their items in the house. Make sure that you remove deeply personal items, such as family photos or collectibles. Anything you can do to make it easy for buyers to imagine what it is like to live there, the more interested they will be.  

Removing most of your belongings makes it easier to maintain the house for viewings. This means much less cleaning and tidying up every day to keep the house in pristine condition. 

Deep Clean Everything 

A house can be dirty without being noticed when it is lived in. However, when you start taking everything out of your home, you will see how messy it can get. This is the time to deep clean everything. Clean in places you have not been able to access before,  like behind furniture.  

Have the carpets been professionally cleaned? Do you not have time to clean on your own? Consider hiring a professional cleaner to help you get everything in top condition if you need to.  

Make Your House More Neutral 

The last thing that you should do is to make your house neutral. Customizations in the home may seem minor but can significantly impact how people value your home when it is on the market. For example, having an accent wall in an unusual color is a bold choice that reflects your style, but it is not the type of thing that everyone enjoys.  

One of the most straightforward examples of this is paint colors. Repaint your house in neutral colors or white to look like a blank canvas for potential buyers. Then, buyers will imagine their color choices instead and see the potential of your home.  

Consult a Realtor 

If you are unsure of what to do or if your choices will have the desired impact on the sale of your house, consult a licensed real estate professional for guidance. At CM Fox Real Estate, we often consult with prospective property sellers about getting their houses ready to sell. We have extensive experience helping homeowners get top dollar for their homes. Contact CM Fox Real Estate through our website or call 518-861-7030 to set up a consultation.