Find Your Passion

Find your passion-

Yes, it is #7 on Martha Stewarts “10 Golden Rules for Successful Living”.

Doesn’t matter whether it is silly or funny, boring or tedious to others.  It could be creating something, helping others, fundraising,  It matters that is is uplifting to you.

It’s all about finding what makes you happy and engaged in something other than what  you normally do.  You might be lucky enough to be passionate about your career, but for many of us, our livelihood may not be our passion.

For me, it’s painting, usually pastels but I like to work in different mediums.

What a great way to let loose, express your feelings in a realistic or abstract way.

Often it is in the form of a landscape or still life, but more and more, abstraction really allows me to express anger or joy and hopefully the viewer can feel that from my painting.

I often hear others say I wish I knew how to paint or craft or be better at something.

Well, it isn’t going to happen on its own.  Take a class or watch a You Tube how to video.  You’ll never know ’til you try and you may find your passion this way.

It is very easy to remain in the same rut and do what you always have done.

I have a friend who always wanted to be a writer.  Raising a family and supporting them “got in the way”.  She  decided to take a writing class through a high school continuing education course.   She’s not in Grisham’s league yet, but she is thoroughly enjoying finding differing means of expressing herself and telling a story.

Another friend decided when she retired she was going to move North to where she grew up.  Everyone decried her action but it was what she wanted. No Florida retirement home for her.  Instead, she rediscovered her love of winter sports – skiing and snow shoeing, as well as hiking and kayaking in the summer months. You don’t have to do what many others in the state have done. Follow your instincts and find your passion.

Every step towards finding your passion is a path to having a more enjoyable and satisfying life.  Start now – EVERY DAY is precious!


Written by: Denise Crisafulli — Licensed Real Estate Sales Person at CM Fox Real Estate