Define “home”

Happy bitterly cold Monday, everyone! Upstate NY is NOT the place to be right now. You may have noticed your car give you a hard time this morning when you tried to turn it on. Almost like it was saying– no thanks, I don’t want to work today. I know mine took a littler more persuading than usual. That being said, I’m super thankful to have woken up in the comfort of my own bed in my own home.Home is a feeling-- quote

Have you ever thought of what the word “home” really means? If you ask a 3 year old where he/she lives, you’ll likely get the response, “I live at home”. Leave it to the minds of a little one to make you really start thinking: “What is a home?”. For Valentine’s Day we decided to ask our fellow Facebook friends and followers what they loved best about their home. It was the most answered question we have ever posted. Here are a few responses.

“I love my home because it is filled with the people I love most”

“I love my home because it puts my husband, kids, and now my parents all under one roof!”

“I love my home for the memories shared in it. Past, present and future. Family owned since the day it was built.”

“I love my home because it is where love is. Family, friends and pets in our home make the house a home.”

Home quote- Laura Ingalls Wilder


Here at CM Fox we believe in helping people find their home. Sometimes that     home is a rental; sometimes it is a purchase and it can even be the sale of a house. The truth is– the type of transaction  doesn’t matter. What does matter is you are happy, comfortable and content with  you home. The next time you think you hate your house or you’ll never find the  house of your dreams– try to take a step back for a second and look at all of the  positives that surround you. Look at the dents in the wall and remember the kids playing. Look at the kitchen or dining room table and remember the conversations that took place. Look at the front door and think of all who have entered there. A home can be a beautiful thing. Sometimes all we have to do is look around.

Tell us; what do you love most about your home?