Use Curb Appeal to Your Advantage

Curb Appeal

Use Curb Appeal to Increase the Value of Your Albany Area Home

While the inside of your home might easily sell itself, there are a few things that will catch the buyer’s eye before they ever walk in the front door. Many buyers drive past a house and based on that first impression, decide whether to call the realtor. Curb appeal is the first key to selling a home and there are things you can do to improve it, whether your home’s price tag is $50,000 or $5 million.

Start by taking a look at the grass, the landscaping, trees and shrubbery. Maybe you need some limbs trimmed or a few trees cut. You might be surprised at how overgrown trees and shrubbery could be hiding something that could attract a potential buyer. Next, look at the flower beds. Update and replant if needed. Add swatches of grass in patchy spots. Color will attract the eye so add plenty of it to your garden. Remove dead leaves or limbs. Once you have improved your landscaping, take a look at the physical condition of your home’s exterior.

If the roof needs replacing, chances are you will have to come down on your selling price. Or, you can replace the roof and get a great return on the money. Buyers seldom want to have to spend money on repairs right away. A new roof goes a long way in fostering the feeling that the buyer has found a good deal. Updating or refreshing paint on trim will also pay back a great return at closing. Install rain gutters if there are none. This is an extra that many buyers look for and it will ultimately help your house increase in value.

Take a look at the driveway. Whether it is made of dirt or cement, it can be dressed up to add curb appeal. A manicured, level dirt drive is beautiful if it leads to a country home. But make sure the dirt is packed, level and does not hold water. If you drive is made of asphalt, concrete, stone or brick, make sure it has no cracks or broken, uneven stones. Add a few solar lights for atmosphere along the drive. A driveway leads to your front door and it absolutely sets the tone for a homey feeling that buyers want to feel when they drive up to a house.

Make sure the fencing is not broken and it gives the privacy intended. A potential buyer wants a secure home and if a fenced yard is secure, they can picture their children or pets enjoying a secure yard. If you have a pool, make sure it is clean and water is clear. Make sure the deck or patio is colorful and in good shape. A new homeowner wants to entertain and a great outdoor area is the first place friends will gather.

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