Bethlehem School District

Bethlehem School District

One of most common questions a real estate agent hears is: What school district is the home in? It’s a good question—even if you do not have kids. School districts have a high impact on both the value of the home and often your taxes. You have to be careful too. School district lines are funny. One side of the street or may be in a different district than the other. Zip codes don’t necessarily mean anything here either. You can have the same zip code as your neighbor a mile away and be in a different school district.Bethlehem Central High School

The Bethlehem School District is among the top districts in the Capital District and across the state. Encompassing most of the Town of Bethlehem and part of the Town of New Scotland, Bethlehem Central is a Suburban Council school district that serves about 4,700 students in kindergarten through grade 12. There are five neighborhood elementary schools, serving students in grades 1 through 5; a 6-8 middle school; and a 9-12 high school.

According to the Capital Region Multiple Listing Service just over 300 houses were sold in the Bethlehem School District last year. Bethlehem, Glenmont, Delmar and surrounding areas are filled with things to do. Each area is a unique combination of friendly neighborhoods and rural beauty.

“According to MONEY Magazine, our area is in the top 25 great American towns. MONEY Magazine and CNN / Money spent months looking for areas “where you would want to raise your children and celebrate life’s milestones.” Thanks to its low crime rate, high scores in education, low commute time, access to arts and leisure, and more, we ranked 22nd in the country as a great American town.” – Town Website

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