The Benefits of Home Staging

Increase the Chances of Selling Your Albany, NY Home

If you are interested in selling your Albany, NY home, there are two main reasons why home staging will be beneficial:

Sounds great, right?! Everyone wants to sell faster for the highest possible price… but do bowls of apples or cookies in the oven actually make a difference?

Yes, staging your home for sale makes a difference!

The first truth of home buyers: they are inherently aspirational

Home buyers are investing in their future, and they want to invest in the best possible future for themselves and their families. You, as the seller, only get one chance to make the first impression that your house is their aspirational future. You are not just selling four walls and a roof. You are selling holidays and birthdays and first steps and prom photos.

Artful staging, either with your furniture and decorations or a professional stager’s collection, helps buyers see the potential of your house without being distracting.

The second truth of home buyers: they are mostly unimaginative

We’ve all watched or heard about House Hunters on HGTV, so it should come as no surprise that cosmetic details like paint or clutter make an undeniable impact on how home buyers view a property – no matter how many times you yell at the TV that carpet can be replaced!

Staging your home makes it easier for buyers to imagine themselves living, loving, and laughing in the property. Staging will remove many of the personal details that make your house a home – like pictures or knick-knacks or your child’s toys – but allow buyers the creative room to imagine their own lives as owners of a cookie-scented open floor plan.

The third truth of home buyers: they’ve seen and will see lots of homes.

If you stage your home for one reason and one reason only, it should be to make a memorable impression on buyers. Hopefully you and the buyers both have excellent CM Fox Real estate agents, which means those buyers will be viewing a number of Albany area properties, likely several on the same day. Staging your house is a way to differentiate the property from the three other three bedroom, two-and-a-half baths on a half acre lot that they’ve already seen.

The hard truth for home sellers: you have to move eventually

…And you are going to have to pack at some point.

A staged home should be just personal enough to feel lived-in and livable, but just impersonal enough that buyers can superimpose their own style and imagination on the space. This makes staging the perfect opportunity for you to pack away some of the non-essentials that are going to have to get boxed up eventually.

Yes, the photos and the trophies and the misshapen art-class pottery make your house a home, but they make it your home. By packing them away you are opening up the space for potential buyers to imagine their own photos and trophies and art-class projects making the house their home.

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