5 Reasons Open Houses are Awesome

Have you ever thought about going to an open house, but weren’t sure what to expect? Maybe you thought you would be hounded by phone calls and emails after or maybe you weren’t sure what to look for or what questions to ask. Well, fear no more– our open house post is here!

Check out this short video on what questions buyers should ask when attending an open house and some tips from other buyers about what you should look for when attending an open house.

Open houses: What to look for at an open house


Here are the top 5 reasons some agents at CM Fox gave for “reasons open houses are awesome”

  • Open houses are another great tool for getting a home marketed. While the exact buyer may not come to the OH, the “lookers” may spread the word to a friend, family member or co-worker.–Anne Daley
  • Great for people who are just starting to think about buying a new house. It lets them see what is available at what price point and each one is a barometer for the next house they see. –Anne Daley
  • Gives people in your community and/or neighborhood to look at the house. They often help promote the house in and around the area. –Kate Newbegin
  • Many people buy homes they see while visiting open houses. There is a convenience factor of just being able to go to an open house when you want to and spend time looking around the house without having to set up an appointment. — Lisa Wloch
  • Open houses are a great way to get many people through your home in a short period of time. Seller’s only have to leave their house for a few hours on one afternoon rather than multiple times during the week or weekend. — Lisa Wloch

So, next weekend– when the sun is shining and you’re perusing the local paper or our open houses— get out there and check some out. Let us know what you think!