What does STYLE mean to you?

How STYLE affects the sale of your Albany home

The meaning of “style” encompasses everything from your head to your home! Every year, stylists and designers come together write about the current hottest trends. Some styles come and go faster than others, but one thing is for sure– they are always going to change and the personal touches we put in our home is what really matters.

Albany home styles are all according to taste & purpose. Some people are looking to downsize. They have town homes, ranches and condos on the brain. Then there are the young families and “upsizers” looking for the perfect family colonials. It doesn’t matter what style you may need– your next home is out there somewhere in the Capital District.

Curb AppealColor! Color is always a hot topic. Whether it’s your kitchen and living room walls or your exterior house color and flower beds– color is important. Colors are trending away from greys to beige again. The neutral tones always seem to remain in style. For example, Sherwin Williams predicts “poised taupe” to be the color of the year Sherwin Williams Color of the Year. It’s been a few years since we’ve seen something besides grey take the top spot. Curb appeal is also driven by and through color. Simplicity adds elegance. For example boxwood gardens and landscaping continue to be common. Whether you have a winding path along a walkway or you’re just looking for some pops of color– be sure to do your research and choose plants that grow well in Upstate NY.

Paint colors aren’t the only thing changing. Appliances are getting an update too. They are going from stainless steel to pewter/grey with the added bonus of showing less finger prints! GE has an option for “slate” GE appliances and many other companies have “black stainless steel”. Consumers want options. As styles change– companies know they have to keep up.

The road to traditional & transitional continues to be safest traveled when deciding on appealing to a wider audience for buying & selling. Your home has to fit YOU. I often find myself on Pinterest or reading the latest design blog–(more like looking at the pictures!) to help me put spaces together. It’s okay if you aren’t a designer yourself. I am not very good at putting colors and textures together, but I know what I like when I see it. How about you?

Beauty surrounds us in many different forms. Embrace the differences in all and bring it together to make a wonderful world in which to coexist.


Written by: Melissa Fearn , Licensed Real Estate Salesperson